Opening an account

Securities account without any minimum deposit

You can participate in stock exchange trading at more than 100 stock exchanges in over 24 countries live at very reasonable conditions with a trading account from Agora direct.

Are you a private customer and would like to open an individual account or a joint account or have a trading account set up for a company, association or stock exchange club? You will obtain the account, which is individually adapted to your wishes and needs, from Agora direct.

Opening a trading account

Opening a trading account is possible for anyone aged 18 or above. Cash accounts can be opened once you are 21. Shares, options certificates, bonds and funds can all be traded with cash accounts. No minimum deposit is neccessary to open an account.

To set up a trading account, we require the following documents from you:

  • Account opening documentsAccount opening documents duly completed and signed
  • Proof of your identity , e.g. a copy of your ID card or passport
  • Proof of your current address (e.g. electricity bill, phone bill, not older than 6 months)

You will find a checklist with all the documents that we require from you at the following Online account application form. As soon as we have received all the necessary documents from you, we will open your own trading account for you within one week .

Apply for your account now:

Do you already have products with a different bank and the fees that you are paying are too high?

Then have your products transferred free of charge and simply to your securities account at Agora direct. Please make use of our securities account transfer form and then open an account with us.

In order to initiate a depot transfer, we need the documents, which have been provided by us, and which you have printed and filled in, in original form, together with an account/depot statement of the sending bank as verification of the purchase of your products.

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