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We have consistently expanded our trading services for you since 2001. By using innovations and an efficient trading platform (ATS), you can trade at more than 100 stock exchanges around the world and round the clock in 24 countries in a matter of seconds.

Whether you are a professional trader, a premium trader or an occasional trader or a newcomer, you obtain the best possible, low-cost trading conditions at Agora direct. You are also eligible for extensive free and individual support on stock market trading days.

Major brokers compared to Agora

Agora direct trading fees compared to selected providers in the international market:

Companyfor only 100 US stocksfor 1 contract stock option (100 individual options)for 1 futures contract E-Mini S & P 500
AGORA direct
2.19 €
2.54 €
2.19 €
7.00 €
7.67 €
2.62 €
6.97 €
7.63 €
7.85 €
11.36 €
3.07 €
7.85 €
8.51 €
TD Ameritrade
8.76 €
9.42 €
1.97 €

Comparison of brokers

Many independent broker comparisons only make use of the net prices published by brokers/banks for comparison purposes. Commission, trading fees, stock exchange fees and other third-party fees are often not taken into account.

We have made every effort in the aforementioned comparison of prices to determine and contrast genuine prices.

Agora direct trading fees compared to selected comparable providers within Germany:

Status of
AGORA directBanxComDirectCortal
Deutsche BankFlataxIngDiBaLynxmaxblue
OnVista Bank
Fixed price
Stocks Xetra € 3.2953,954,6114,6314,1334,95711,654,6110,98,9314,7
US stocks $3,250 (150 pieces)2,192,6315,0228,0747,519,922,44,3823,912,528,59
Stock Option EUREX1,921919,575×25,5327512,5×
Stock Option USA2,73,07××100××3,07100××
Futures EUREX (DAX)1,92×6,5100××21005,5×
Futures US (Dow Jones)2,193,07××140××4140××
CFDs EUR € 5.2704,755,729,99,949999999999999×5×5,27×8,738,99
CFD's USD $ 6,250 (257 pieces)2,192,639,99,949999999999999×19,9×4,38×15,878,99
Warrants / Certificate € 3,39564,7515,8813,4335,95715,32835,956,514,95
Foreign exchange 50,000 USD / EUR4,38450019,951452001254145150112,5
WTI crude oil contract $ 38,0002,193,07××140××3,5140××
On average Agora direct is approx. 35% cheaper

International live trading is available for you via Agora direct at more than 100 trading places e.g. in Japan, China, Australia, Europe, Great Britain, Canada etc.

The fees have been converted into euros to provide a better comparison. The fees from the international comparison (the three tables above) date from 3 March 2016 and have been taken from the companies’ websites in each case. The fees from the German comparison (the lower table) date from 7 April 2016 and have been taken from the aforementioned companies’ websites. Some of the providers listed here possibly charge other fees or reduce or exempt them according to the account activities or the total value of the account. Supporting documents on statements and statistical materials can be made available on request. Special conditions like discounts or advertising campaigns with a set time limit have not been taken into account and may provide cheaper services. Agora direct has basically determined the data in good faith and using commercial prudence, although it is impossible to provide any guarantee that the data is correct or complete. Agora direct is happy to answer any questions about the comparisons during normal stock exchange trading hours.

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If you have any questions or require some explanation, please contact us on stock exchange trading days on the following number: +44 (1332) 895 070 or make use of our contact form.

Please note

None of the details provided here are binding. The prices and performance of the products on offer may change, particularly if the services of third parties change. These changes may be passed on to the users. The transaction fees are directly charged by the broker managing the account when handling the trading account (further details available under Application for opening an account). Agora direct and its cooperation partners receive a commission share in the form of retrocession. The amount is governed by the type and scope of the stock exchange products that have been traded.

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