Interest on credit balances – interest rate on cash credit

CurrencyCash balance upto / fromCash balance valueInterest rate for cash balance
USDCash balance up to10,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from10,000.010.000 %
AUDCash balance up to15,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from15.000,01 - 150.000,000.000 %
Cash balance from150,000.010.000 %
CADCash balance up to14,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from14,000.010.000 %
CHFCash balance up to100,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from100,000.01-0.827 %
CNY/CNHCash balance up toAlle0.000 %
CZKCash balance up to2,500,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from2,500,000.01-0.053 %
DKKCash balance up to700,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from700,000.01-0.622 %
EURCash balance up to100,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from100,000.01-0.551 %
GBPCash balance up to7,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from7,000.010.000 %
HKDCash balance up to78,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from78,000.010.000 %
HUFCash balance up to2,800,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from2,800,000.010.000 %
ILSCash balance up toAlle0.000 %
INRCash balance up toAlle0.000 %
JPYCash balance up to11,000,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from11,000,000.01-0.173 %
KRWCash balance up to12,000,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from12,000,000.010.000 %
MXNCash balance up to170,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from170,000.010.714 %
NOKCash balance up to85,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from85,000.01-0.183 %
NZDCash balance up to16,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from16,000.010.000 %
PLNCash balance up to400,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from400,000.010.000 %
RUBCash balance up to700,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from700,000.010.000 %
SEKCash balance up to850,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from850,000.01-0.195 %
SGDCash balance up to15,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from15,000.01-0.156 %
ZARCash balance up to150,000.000.000 %
Cash balance from150,000.010.000 %
Interest is valid from 22. May 2020

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